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Joe Biden wants to vaccinate the entire planet, plans to give out 1.2B shots to other Countries

According to Joe Biden's address today, 100 million people in the United States are eligible for booster shots but have not receive them.

He also mentioned that his existing vaccination requirements are being challenged in court, and that the trillions of dollars he wants to print would only be allowed if he agrees to end all lockdowns and mandates in perpetuity. Regardless of whether you have a private health insurance plan or not, the United States will now cover all testing for citizens of the country.

The United States has distributed more vaccinations than the rest of the world combined. Within the next hundred days, they expect to provide more than 1.2 billion vaccines at the expense of 200 million Americans.

Joe Biden wants to use the money he is printing to vaccinate the whole world. Within the previous 21 months, the United States has produced 36% of its currency.

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