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JUSTIN PLOSZ - Mr. Public Relations

With 16 years of dedicated experience in the automotive industry across Western Canada, my career has been marked by consistent high-performance in various roles. Throughout this journey, my greatest asset has always been my ability to build and lead teams effectively.

I possess an in-depth understanding of dealership operations, spanning both fixed and variable operations, as well as prime and non-prime finance departments. My passion lies in analyzing sales processes and optimizing dealer department gross and net profits, all while striving to provide innovative solutions for every customer.

Over the past decade, I have assumed roles as a Sales Trainer and Team Leader in Sales and Finance, cementing my success in the automobile industry. It's the aspect of team building and mentoring that truly inspires me to excel further.

In 2011, I took on the role of owner and operator at Public Relations Canada, a leading lead generation agency. This venture has been instrumental in driving sales for the dealerships I collaborate with, further enhancing my expertise in automotive sales.

In 2019, I embarked on a unique journey to Anmore, British Columbia, where I had the privilege of mentoring a formidable team of finance and insurance experts. During the same year, I orchestrated a high-profile event that gained international recognition. This accomplishment led to an exclusive interview with Macleans Magazine in 2020, highlighting my expertise in social media and branding.

Additionally, I've had the privilege of hosting prominent events, including IGNITE, Pallas Athena Woman's Fighting Championship, and Playhouse launch events. These grand affairs have featured opulent venues, stunning models, helicopters, and prestigious sponsors such as Ferrari of Alberta, Maserati of Alberta, and Red Bull.

My passion for the automotive industry and my dedication to excellence drive me to continue making significant contributions in my field. I eagerly anticipate the opportunities and challenges that lie ahead as I strive to excel and inspire others in this dynamic industry.

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Justin Plosz Resume
Justin Plosz Resume
Justin Plosz - Public Relations Canada
Justin Plosz - NO BAD DAYS - Mr. Public Relations


Twelve years ago, a seemingly ordinary night took an extraordinary turn on the #1 highway. My car had given up on me, leaving me stranded three hours away from home, on a lonely Saturday night around 1 am. To add to the chaos, my phone had died, leaving me in a state of uncertainty.

As I sat in my car, not knowing what to do next, I noticed two rather intimidating-looking men approaching, knocking on my window, and asking, "Are you okay?" Initially wary of their intentions, I mumbled a hesitant "yes" and claimed that I didn't need any help, silently hoping they would just move along.

However, they persisted, and I eventually mustered the courage to open my car door, allowing them to assist me. To my surprise, they genuinely tried to fix my car and offered me a ride to the nearest town, an offer I reluctantly accepted.

During the ride, my frustration got the better of me as I vented about my car troubles, the events of the day, and the general state of my life. It was at this point that the driver decided to change the atmosphere. He rolled down the window, tossed his cigarette, lowered the volume of the music, and began to share his own life story.

He recounted a heart-wrenching tale from years ago when he received a call from his best friend. The message was clear and urgent: "Something's happened, and your house is on fire. Hurry home!" The friend pledged to be there before him but urged him to rush back.

As he arrived at his home, adversity was waiting to greet him. His house was engulfed in flames, his wife had jumped from the second story, fracturing both her legs, and his three children were trapped inside. His best friend had even confronted the police, receiving 156 stitches in the process, all in a desperate bid to rescue the children.

At this moment, something profound washed over me – a profound sense of gratitude. As he showed me pictures of his children, I couldn't help but ask, "Why did you stop to help me?" His response was as humbling as it was inspiring: "I am all body and no soul." He explained that he was simply driving, with a genuine desire to help someone in need. He had embarked on a journey from Calgary, Alberta, to Winnipeg, MB, and back again, solely to assist others in times of need, sacrificing his own body and time for the chance to reunite with his children.

This remarkable encounter changed my life forever, although he may never have realized it. Now, whenever I find myself in the midst of a challenging day, I remember those words, "IT COULD ALWAYS BE WORSE," and I am filled with a renewed sense of gratitude.

They dropped me off, bought me a coffee, and continued their journey, spreading kindness and help wherever they went.

I just want to say, Thank You!

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