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Searching for the best Events Specialist

Public Relations Canada answers question about events as we have over 10 years experience in the business of entertainment

Public Relations Canada

Anmore Party 

We are most well known for landing 3 helicopters in the back yard of a 6 million dollar mansion that rocked Anmore, BC in 2019  

Public Relations Canada

Event Experience

We have scaled our brand to work along side brands like Ferrari, Maserati, Ignite, and we are Published in MacLean's Mag for it

Event exposure with Public Relations Canada

We are Canada's most talked about, unconventional styled event company that is known for its on a national level

Public Relations Canada is your personal luxury party planner - curating a premium, in-demand experience for your brand. Meanwhile, advertising is more like a generic happy hour - cheap, forgettable, and lacking personality. Let us be your event coordinators and take your brand to the next level with our expert PR services.
Looking for the Best Event Planning Firm in Canada?
"Let's make your brand famous"

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Skip expensive TV commercials, outdated newspaper ads, dull radio promotions and experience the new era of

Classified Lead Generation

Take a look at out landing pages

Business owners are always looking for creative ways to boost sales opportunities and expand their demographic. Public Relations Canada's business centre has engineered a platform that networks specifically those needs.

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