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Think of Public Relations Canada as the fire department for your brand. We rush to the scene to put out the flames and prevent further damage, while advertising is more like a smoke detector - it may alert you to a problem, but it won't do much to actually fix it. Don't wait until your brand is engulfed in flames, let us help you plan for the unexpected and keep your reputation intact.

Searching for the best in Public Relations

Our comprehensive crisis management solutions are tailored to meet the unique needs of your brand, and are designed to minimize the impact of a crisis while preserving your reputation and positioning you for long-term success

Bad Publicity

Don't let a crisis bring your brand down - let us help you weather the storm with our expert crisis communication solutions.

We Get It

When the stakes are high, you need the best in the business. Our crisis communication expertise can help you navigate even the most challenging situations with confidence.

We have a plan

Reputation is everything - don't let a crisis damage yours. Our proven crisis control strategies can help protect your brand and preserve your reputation

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Skip expensive TV commercials, outdated newspaper ads, dull radio promotions and experience the new era of

Classified Lead Generation

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Business owners are always looking for creative ways to boost sales opportunities and expand their demographic. Public Relations Canada's business centre has engineered a platform that networks specifically those needs.

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