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Generating leads is like casting a net into the vast ocean of potential clients. At Public Relations Canada, we've got the skills to not only cast the net, but to reel in the big fish too. Let us help you hook the right customers and grow your business.

Searching for the best Lead Generation

With our unique Matching Service, Classified Ads have critiqued Lead Generation

Classified Ads

Generates Leads

We connect customers and qualified businesses with the matching service we provide through our Classified Ads

Public Relations Canada

Generated Leads

Prequalified Businesses

contact our Leads Generated through Classified Ads with our Matching Service

Matching Service

Generating Leads

Step 1 - Submit application

Step 2 - Get prequalified      

Step 3 - Start getting leads

Skip expensive TV commercials, outdated newspaper ads, dull radio promotions. and experience the new era of Lead Generation with Classifieds Ads today


Skip expensive TV commercials, outdated newspaper ads, dull radio promotions and experience the new era of

Classified Lead Generation

Take a look at out landing pages

Business owners are always looking for creative ways to boost sales opportunities and expand their demographic. Public Relations Canada's business centre has engineered a platform that networks specifically those needs.


Public Relations Canada was designed to help you feeling confident while gathering the essential information towards your next big purchase ensuring a pleasurable experience.  Our clients have kept confidence in their consumer buying experiences by us providing them with the safest information available. Our platform is especially essential when inquiring about deliverables from cities with restrictions that you may not familiar with due to Covid19. 

Our chain of connections is within Canada's most sought after and experienced business entrepreneurs, as seen on CTV/CBC/Global News. Rest assured that everyone in our Network lives up to the highest standard of business practice

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