FREEDOM CONVOY now has FARM TRACTORS as tow trucks refuse to tow any of them

Updated: Feb 2

Canadian Farmers have joined forces with the Semi Trucker drivers to form and unstoppable Convoy to the Capital city of Canada as police barricades couldn't stop the tractors from driving in the fields and ditches around them to Ottawa.

Tractors seen driving through ditches to avoid road blocks #Heros

Last update we saw was 20 police vehicles that included the deployment of the tactical unit to try and stop the tractors from driving in the ditches. The only thing that would stop a farm tractor would have to be a military grade tank.

Below is a message from the Farmers as to why they decided to join forces with the truckers.

Justin Trudeaus speech on Monday January 31st expressed unacceptable views rubbed the majority of Canadian the wrong way since everything he said had already been debunked by Social media videos.

Below is a video of the unacceptable views the Prime Minister has about the Peaceful Convoy

He addressed the nation from an unknown location because he tested positive for Covid-19 even tho he is triple vaccinated. Yesterday poked the bear, (Truckers) that woke the sleeping giant (Farmers) and now the stakes have never been higher as the farmers put some skin in the game and double down on the Trudeau government.

Below is a video of the first Farm tractors to arrive in Ottawa on Day 4

Even tho Justin Trudeau said his government will not be intimidated, many provinces have announce they are going to start removing mandates but it's not because of the truckers.

As seen below in a CTV news headline form yesterday that was posted in the middle of the night which is a trick the MSM has been doing for years to manipulate the social media algorithms since there are less users at that time and would get far less engagement.

Below is a video of Farmers meeting a roadblock on the way to Ottawa to join the truckers

Farmers have now fired up their tractors and driven down to Ottawa as we have footage of the first tractors arriving downtown to join in the Freedom protest.

Below is a video of all the food people at the protest get for free as they do not need to steal from the homeless as reported on MSM.

Worldwide Revolution

This event has the attention of every single country in the world right now and they are setting a great example since the protest has no arrests since the start of it four days ago. Technically the protest has stopped more crime than it has created.

Ottawa would have made more arrests during a regular weekend than they did this past weekend, even tho there were many more people downtown partaking in the freedom event. Here is a video of people cleaning up the Terry fox memorial, leaving it better than when the convoy got there. They even left flowers and the foundation has had an out pour of donations since the negative news by MSM.

Below is a video of the people that are now watching the Terry Fox memorial so nobody does anything to it.

Below is a video if the SWAT team that has arrived at Coutts Border

Other countries have now joined the movement as you can see in the video below, this is not just Canada and nobody is leaving until things return back to normal.

The tow truck drivers in Ottawa just got asked if they would move every truck from the downtown core and every single tow company said they have no workers because they all got covid-19. This is absolutely genius

Click the picture below to see the video about Tow truck drivers