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Day 2: F#ck Trudeau Helicopter flys over Freedom Convoy in Ottawa as they fight MSM Fake News

Here is everything you need to know about the wold record freedom convoy today that the MSM (Main stream Media) isn't telling you, the event is headed into day 3 with absolutely no arrests and no end in sight. These people are dedicated to a peaceful freedom convoy and they are ready, willing, and able to do it as long as it takes, they even showed up a day earlier than they were supposed to beating the police barricades that have now been set up.

We have seen MSM come to the defence of Justin Trudeau and the paid media trying to say these protesters are violent but we have not seen that and there are no videos showing it.

The protesters were so excited that they even brought a sign and a flag for the Terry Fox monument the stands in the downtown capital. There has been a helicopter flying around Ottawa with big letters on the bottom that say FUCK TRUDEAU

Here is what the main stream news is reporting vs and what is actually happening via live video in all streams of social media:

Public Relations Canada Fact Checkers:

  1. Blockage Main stream media: reporting blockages at select intersections and boarders. Fact: There are government vehicles blocking major intersections at key turn off and access points into Ottawa in every direction.

2. Trudeau Main stream Media: Trudeau off to a secret location in the Ottawa region. Fact: Justin Trudeaus plane was spotted in Tofino, BC. A text message we received that an office confirmed that Justin Trudeau is there. We did not confirm but we did receive a message that he was staying at 1281 Lynn Rd Tofino, BC.


3. Nazi flag Main Stream Media: Have reported a confederate and a nazi flag. Fact: videos going around social media prove that those people wear staged and do not represent the convoy as it was only one people with each flag with professional photographers following them and they wear both wearing a mask. If you are wear a mask you clearly do not represent this protest against masks and mandates.

4. Food Mainstream Media: Saying that the truckers from the Convoy came to a homeless shelter and demanded food. Fact: The Convoy has a Go Fund Me account that pays for food for the truckers and they have released 1 Million dollars to do that after hiring a lawyer and an accountant.

5. Blockade Main Stream Media: Saying the traffic has slowed down and there are not as many people as yesterday. Fact: The Convoy from BC and Alberta and Manitoba has not reached Ottawa yes because the police.

6. The government have implemented cell phone jammers so no body can go live or upload videos while hey are in front of parliament building so the crowd has spread out across the city. Plus the normal censorship by big tech happening all day as this in international news and there are a lot of people looking to see what is going on. This is a clear overreach of Big Tech censoring what they don't want you to see since the Convoy is very peaceful.

How about we use those cell phone tracking number to see exactly what the real number of people headed to Ottawa. They definitely know the real numbers as they used that tracking system to monitor peoples movement during the pandemic without your consent.

An absolutely unacceptable data breach on behalf of the federal government that has had major backlash as Canadians feel was an infringement on our Rights and freedoms noted in the Charter.

Ottawa is being called the worlds biggest parking lot as there are Trucks from all over North America headed there. The message is clear that the people who are headed to Ottawa are not leaving until their demands are met.

Just incase you have been sleeping under a rock the last week, the Convoy is in short fighting for things to go back to normal. This has got everyone in Canada coming together and at this point the only people who are not behind the movement are Karens, people who wanna work from home and are scared they will have to go back to the office, and the Morning radio show host that gets paid to tell you things.

7. In a recent poll with over 15000 voters, 98.09% of voters want Justin Trudeau to resign with 15,144 vote yes to resign and only 295 votes to let him stay.

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Public Relations Canada:

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