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77 ppl get $17,000 in fines at "Makeshift Nightclub," raided by VPD Saturday Night Jan. 30 2021

Updated: Feb 24, 2021

Instagram stories from last night of Vancouver's hottest so-called "Makeshift Nightclub" also known as "Granny's" showed the owners didn't have as much luck this weekend as they did last weekend trying to keep VPD out.

Looks like the Vancouver Police Department somehow outsmart the owners and got into the residence. This time they showed up with a valid search warrant.

After a long week for the owners of the "Makeshift Nightclub" as they filed a law suit against the Vancouver Police Department, suing them for damages exceeding $20,000.00 to their peephole of the 1,800 square foot penthouse as investigators tried to get in to attain credible evidence for a warrant. The lawsuit mentions the VPD as a hazard to the building as the blocked the fire exits in the hallway for an extended period.

Picture: Vancouver Sun

The Vancouver Police department have issued the doorman a $2500 fine from last weekends events also issuing the owners a $2500 fine for hosting it which they plan on fighting in court.

The owner reportedly owns the penthouse in which he paid in cash for 3 million dollars and has hired a lawyers to represent him in the court of law. This case could set the precedence for the rest of Canada when is comes to having people in your homes during the pandemic. The challenge will be for the Crown to trump the Charter of Rights and Freedoms act as the general population currently feels like their rights and freedoms are being taken away on them under a false pretence of a bogus pandemic.

Below is a picture of inside the "makeshift Nightclub" taken last night when Vancouver Police Department was inside

Once onside the Police found Menus, Tables, point of sale terminals, and cash.

The police found 78 people inside the penthouse and 77 of the people inside recieved a $233 ticket for attending the party. The host of the event, arrested and taken to jail as he more than likely will be held till he gets a bail hearing. He will most likely be out within 24 hours unless they can prove he will run or throw another party.

Picture: screenshot from Instagram

This story will develop so be sure to check back here for latest updates on this story.

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