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Alleged "makeshift nightclub" property owner files criminal chargers against VPD

Updated: Feb 24, 2021

The legal owner of the of the so called "Makeshift Nightclub" on Richards Street, as CTV, Vancouver Sun, And News 1130 have describe it, have hired a lawyer and are now officially fighting back against the allegations from Vancouver Police Department for $20,000.00 damages the caused trying to get into the private residence.

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Source: This message was posted on the owners Social Media Account on Tuesday night after seeing the events unfold all over the media.

As a few of you may know VPD attempted to illegally breach my door on Saturday, January 26th, 2021 at approximately 10:30pm. This was based on false allegations. Today I filed criminal charges against the VPD, case number 21-13717. Please share this post if liberty still matters. misconduct as follows: 1. damaging my door and peephole and causing mischief. 2. blocking the fire exit and fire exit hallway. 3. attempting to film inside my private entrance with a peephole camera. this is a violation of privacy. there is significant damage to my door at a cost of ~$20k. i will post the detailed complaint at a future date!

Note: We will be updating this story here as we see it unfold in the media to help correct the fake news from controlling the narrative.

Updated Wednesday 1:42 pm

Here Is the entire complaint already registered with VPD. Images will follow. Case number: 221-13717.

To Mr. Adam Palmer and Mr. Howard Chow,

My lawyer, Bobby Movassaghi is cc'd and has reviewed the content of this criminal complaint letter, and an eye witness, Ms. Cortney Donatelli, who lives with me attests to the following.

I, Mo Movassaghi, wish to file criminal charges of mischief against Constable Regie, badge number 3095, and his team of officers who attended my residence on Saturday, January 23rd at 10:30pm. I live at PH 7 777 Richards st in Vancouver BC, and I am the unit owner. Please see the attached image below (the last one).

At approximately 10:30pm, the officers attempted to break into my unit by banging incessantly at the door. They then broke the peephole – see attached image – and dented the door. One of the officers attempted to film inside my unit through the peephole. It was blocked. Officers also blocked the fire exit door – see attached image – and illegally blocked and occupied the fire exit hallway for over one hour. I spoke with the officers outside of the fire escape door and recorded most of the conversation, and have attached the audio recording. I sought to establish the purpose of the visit.

I first identified myself with my full name, and then provided my birth date. I offered to email or text my ID, Telus internet bill and/or hydro bill, all of which, have my full name and address, but the officer refused and would not provide his email and phone number. I then called the concierge to come up and confirm my status as the unit owner. He did so – his name is Abraham. I also called my neighbor next door and put him on speaker, who also confirmed my status as the unit owner. His name is Leisa Jina at PH 6 777 Richards Street. I then offered to provide my ID through the peephole the officer had broken. He agreed, and I did so. He was still not satisfied.

We then reverted back to the purpose of his visit. He stated that I needed to confirm my status as the owner to confirm the unit was not broken into. I asked if there was any sign of forced entry or damage to the door, beyond what his team had caused. He said no. I asked if there was a report of a break-in. He said no. I again confirmed that I am the unit owner. After a few minutes, he stated that the purpose of their attendance was to investigate a potential covid violation. I told him I know nothing of the sort and that I am the unit owner, living in my house of my free will. I asked him and his team to leave the premises multiple times and after approximately 2 hours at 12:30 am (Sunday, January 25th, 2021), they left.

As such I would like to file a criminal complaint against Constable Regie, badge number 3095, for the following misconduct: 1. Damaging my door and peephole and causing mischief.

2. Blocking the fire exit and fire exit hallway.

3. Attempting to film inside my private entrance with a peephole camera. This is a violation of privacy.

There is significant damage to my door, and I will provide a quote for a repair from my contractor in future correspondence. Please advise on next steps.

Best Regards,


Here are the cops camping outside my door and blocking the fire exit! There was no noise complaint reported, and it was before 11pm on Saturday, January 23rd. They stayed for over 2 hours, broke my peephold, dented the door, and blocked the fire exit. They also attempted to film illegally inside my home through the broken peephole. There is a live audio recording of the interaction with the cops I will share later! Some of you have it already! Constable Regie, badge number 3095, and his team!

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