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Trudeau spent Half a Trillion dollars in 2 years

500,000,000,000.00 Dollars is what Justin Trudeau has added to Canadas nations debt in the last two years alone. He is on pace to take on more national debt that all the Prime Minster before him.... combined.

This is a fact: watch here

Leading indicators your Country is having a debt crisis:

  1. Declining output - Last year our GDP dropped 120 Billion dollars

  2. Large sustaining current account deficits - Meaning you buy more from the world than you sell which Canada has done for the past 5 years leading to 300 Billion Dollars in net loss

  3. Asset Price inflation - Housing prices are up 25% and the income has dropped drastically. Vancouver and Toronto are 2/10 most expensive places to live on planet earth right now

  4. Rising Household Leverage - Canada has $1.75 debt for every dollar they take home from their pay

  5. Rise over-all debt across economy - The only time in history the national debt has been bigger was in the second world war.

Canada right now holds a national debt that is 400% our GDP which means you owe 4$ for every 1$ you earn. The debt Justin Trudeau has put this country in is already unfixable. We owe a ton of money to China who Trudeau is letting train military in our country so they know how to fight in our climate. The debt we have is far worse than the debt Greece had before the whole country declared bankruptcy. Justin Trudeau is killing you income with this pandemic and printing unlimited amounts of money creating mass inflation on our dollar.

I think the plan is to turn everything into Canadian crypto currency and gather all the actual money and give it to China and turn the whole system digital. Gold was once currency, then money, now crypto. Crypto was a direct result of the 2008-2009 hosing bubble crash that was designed to put the power of money back in the peoples hands.

Incase you didn't notice that Bitcoin was dead when Trump was in office and everything else was booming. The second Biden had a chance to win the whole thing took off again. This is not a coincidence and it's not going to stop any time soon. The U.S.A. has printed 20% of the money in circulation since the pandemic and the dollar has yet to correct itself to that inflation. there is a goos chance the USA dollar could lose 13-18% if it's value in one day.

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