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Top 10 most stolen cars in Toronto in 2021

Updated: Dec 9, 2021

The top 10 most regularly stolen automobiles in Toronto this year have been released by police.

The Honda CR-V is the car make and model with the most thefts this year, according to the list, which was released to CTV News Toronto on Wednesday. According to police, there have been 654 auto theft instances involving this vehicle so far this year.

Top 10 Auto Thefts by Vehicle Make and Model

  1. Honda Cr-V - 654

  2. Lexus Rx350 - 418

  3. Honda Civic - 260

  4. Land Rover Range Rover - 225

  5. Toyota Highlander - 200

  6. Ford F150 - 176

  7. Honda Accord - 145

  8. Toyota Corolla - 123

  9. Toyota Rav - 70

  10. Hyundai Elantra - 62

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Residents in Toronto should be aware of a few actions they may take to avoid car thefts.

When parking your car, keep any valuables hidden, close all windows and doors fully, and move your wheels to the side to make it more difficult to tow.

If at all feasible, police advise parking in a well-lit, well-attended location.

If feasible, park in a garage at home and never leave ownership or insurance cards in the vehicle while it is unattended.

If you have a rear-wheel drive automobile, police recommend backing into your driveway and parking front-end first if you have a front-wheel drive car.

The New way people are stealing cars

York police released a statement last week describing a new method for criminals to monitor and steal high-end automobiles in the region using Apple technology.

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Investigators claimed in a press release published Thursday that they have uncovered at least five occurrences since September in which suspects have planted Apple AirTags in "out-of-sight" sections of vehicles parked in public settings such as malls and parking lots.

The thieves then find the car at the victim's home using AirTags, a tiny circular gadget that can be traced using the "Find My" app.

Thieves will utilize tools like screwdrivers to gain entrance through the passenger or driver side door when the car is identified, according to police. Once inside, an electronic device is linked to the onboard diagnostics connection beneath the dashboard, which police say is generally used by mechanics to reset a car to factory settings.

The vehicle is then programmed to accept a key brought by the suspects, which may be used to start the automobile and drive away.

According to York Regional Police, during the last year, 2,000 automobiles have been stolen in the area using various techniques of theft.

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