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Montreal Protests/Riot 8 pm Curfew as thousands of people hit the streets

Several hundred people defied Montreal’s 8 p.m. curfew on Sunday evening to protest the measure that was ordered back into place by the Quebec government amid the rise of COVID-19 cases in the province.

Police responded with tear gas in a bid to control the crowd, who were purportedly protesting Quebec Premier Francois Legault's decision to roll the city-wide curfew back from 9:30 to 8 p.m. The move, previously replicated in other COVID-19 hot spots across the province, took effect in Montreal and nearby Laval on Sunday.

According to Montreal police, 7 Adults were arrested and face charges ranging from public mischief, breaking and entering, and arson, while 107 tickets were issued for breaking public health guidelines. (Nobody will pay)

Videos shared on social media show people gathered in the streets of the old port, mostly not wearing masks nor distancing. Footage online also shows people setting things on fire, damaging property and smashing in windows of local businesses.

Just let them party already, The protest began relatively calm, with a mostly young crowd dancing to music from loudspeakers while lighting fireworks and chanting. However as demonstrators began getting destructive, they were met with tear gas from police in a bid to control the crowd.

Can you imagine turning legal drinking age and all the nightclubs are closed down, these adults are being robbed of life experiences. They are not at risk to die and they don't care about the rules and why should they listen. They're about to get basic income plan (free money) and they don't even have to get a job. More and more people are living at home as 1/5 people under the age of 25 have moved back home since the pandemic started.

Looking like the scene of a Star wars movie, the dark side moves into eliminate the young Jedi of Montreal

Nobody cares about the stupid numbers but here is why the put the whole province on House arrest for.

Quebec reported 1,535 new COVID-19 cases on Sunday, as well as five additional deaths linked to the virus.

Hospitalizations jumped by 25 to 608, with 139 patients in intensive care.

I know.... right! No wonder these people are out smashing things as Dr, Bonnie Henry is said to announce the same things in B.C. asap.

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