Internment Camps???

Canada Government website requesting bids for construction of camps.


Everyone has heard the rumor about Trudeau building Internment Camps across Canada. It's no rumor. It has been discussed in parliament and September 17, 2020.

Then the Federal govt posted bids for construction IN EVERY PROVINCE and posted bids for huge quantities of Tear Gas. Govt deleted some of the pages a few days ago BUT, you cant delete things from the Internet, as everything is archived. Here are the links for you to see for yourself.

Parliament Discussion on Internment camps:

Government Contract Bid Website

Tear Gas contract:

NOTE: These are the pages were taken down Oct.27 2020.

Hospitals are empty, things are way better than months ago, so why would they need these camps?

I hope that everyone starts to speak up and inform those around them that the govt has run wild with power and needs to be stopped.

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