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How Cryptocurrency changed my outlook on Love and Life

I often feel like I’m in another world. I live in my head, outside of my body. It is seemingly common to live in the past or the future in this over saturated and over stimulated, disassociated, double standard society. Although the only moment that actually exists is the present. So why is everyone avoiding it?

We have politicians and health officials making decisions on where we can go, when we can go there, who we can go with, and what we have to wear. Although even following these decisions we did not choose for ourselves, the state of the world seems to stay the same or dare I admit, worsen. This can’t help but make one feel powerless.

In an ecosystem that runs off the concept of money to gather what we need to survive, a large majority of people find themselves unable to make an honest income to provide for themselves. If life before the pandemic set in was successful for you, unrequiring of you to visit the darkest corners of your mind, are you equipped with the spiritual tools to feed your Soul?

I met a man that knows no barriers. He has a thriving business in the service industry amidst the shambles surrounding many cities. I was initially drawn to him because of the provocation of thought in his innovative Art. The depths of which we discussed. He speaks with conviction in an eloquent manner, which left me hungry for more knowledge. I looked at him and I said, “Teach me”. To which he replied, “You want me to put you on some game right now ..? Crypto.” Opening me up to a whole New World.

This man patiently and willingly broke things down for me and walked me through it; linking me with videos and books explaining the current, outdated, and flawed system. Showing me every app to download to make my beginning and sharing his own experiences of losses and gains.

I’d heard of Cryptocurrency before like most, but never understood it or even took the time to begin to. The more I learn, the more I understand the brilliance of it. Bitcoin’s values are hopes, dreams, and freedom. Hopes and dreams of which we all have and freedom of which we yearn for. I look at the Blockchains as different parts of the World and the Tokens within it as the people. Before investing into a Token, due diligence is done; looking at the website, reading about the company, from the people that formed it to its values. You observe it’s plans moving forward and come to the conclusion of if you want to support it. Are you adding value, where will that be directed, and will it grow?

It makes me wonder why many don’t take this thoughtfulness and care into all that they do. This can be applied through relationships and the companies supported everyday by our purchasing power. When beginning to express my exploration into the Cryptocurrency World, I have been met with much skepticism. Most of all by those not of it. Naturally, people don’t take the time to delve into things they don’t understand and instantly dismiss it. But why? Because it is easier that way? Easy doesn’t get you very far and old ways won’t open new pathways.

To those who have expressed overwhelm in not understanding Cryptocurrency and have their partners invest for them, why follow the outdated conditioning of believing there is not a Power within yourself to learn and do so independently for yourself.

Of course there are rug pulls, the companies with greedily, self motivated ill intention. Something to be mindful and aware of although that is generally not difficult to see right through.

Opening myself up to the World of Cryptocurrency solidified a reminder to do more research before preconceiving a notion. Taking profits in it has shown me the Power in the smallest fraction of faith and belief, and that it isn’t when you Love someone to set them free, but rather show them how to be with no fear of the Future.

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