Dear Karen/Linda/Nancy...Bye Felicia - Sincerely Covid19 Nurse

"I work in along term care home....I'm be honest...IM FUCKING EXHAUSTED & MENTALLY ...EMOTIONALLY DRAINED!!!!

They expect us to go home & stay there after work...

yet if we carry the virus on us but it does NOT affect us or show symptoms because we are HEALTHY (COVID DOES NOT AFFECT THE HEALTHY) we WILL bring it into a care home, we can & have ALWAYS carried outside germs in through deliveries, doctors, mail, food service, flowers, families, birthdays, anniversaries, holding a hand, giving a hug, changing their briefs, wiping their tears, brushing their hair, brushing their teeth, feeding them 3 meals a day.......We are their family & believe me they rather die at their age being loved & feeling it...rather than dieing alone with jumbled jargon & being frustrated with not being able to hold a proper conversation anymore...sitting staring at wall or at ppl you don't know wondering when you get to go home...every day waking up in a new place because you forgot why you're there. The pains in your head,

headaches as your brain is slowly shriveling up....they have lived a life time it is NOT a quality of life to live that way so trust me they are NOT angry when it is time. I have sat bedside MANY residents & held their hand keeping them company as they pass & every one of them has just been grateful not to die we are... MAKING THEM HAVE TO DIE ALONE!!!

FUCK COVID-19!!!!! FUCK THE RULES!!! Its their time...their bodies, minds..& souls are tired...they're tired...they're sooooo tired of this horrible disease which is the REAL one killing them..DEMENTIA!! THATS THE REAL KILLER OF OLD PEOPLE!! Its a lonnnnnnng disease who tortures you daily & we let them suffer for years with it...covid is nothing to DEMENTIA...find a cure for Dementia as fast as a COVID19 Vaccine."

Above words over from a nurse in Alberta that works in a long-term care home that were written as a comment below a status on Facebook. These are the true hard real feelings of a nurse working on the front line of this so-called pandemic.

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