The BC Ministry of health has officially posted the number of deaths from COVID19 beside the number of Overdose deaths in BC (2020) and the results are staggering.

Picture is a screenshot from CBC News

This comes to no suprise to the 10's of thousands of people that have lost loved ones across the province and 100's of thousands across the country.

As over 7000 people have shared this post on FB saying the exact same thing on August 11 2020.

No question that many people wondering why the Canadian Heath System is keeping track of COVID19 like it's the Olympics when the number of deaths from overdose far out weights the death rate of COVID19.

As you will see, some people in the comment section were quick to point out that an overdose is self inflicted and Covid19 is not.

However, only to the untrained eye is this true. Users are using drugs to put a bandaid or cast on emotional trtheyama experienced that they have not yet dealt with. Most of this trama was caused by someone elses doing, causing them in a state of adversity in a never-vicious ending cycle.

At this point, If this doesn't make you question government priority, nothing will...

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