Conspiracy Theory on the Epstein Island and the Pandemic to cover it up

This all began when Jeffrey Epstein did not commit suicide; in case you didn't know, there is a society that keeps secrets in exchange for unreal power. The only way in is to have sex with a minor and have the deed documented or kidnap a child if you are a woman, like see her as Lindsay Lohan tries to do a child abduction . They take these little boys and girls to his island, and everyone in Hollywood has known about it for years. Now he's been caught, and he's been killed inside prison wall, but the secret is out.

Releasing a pandemic that was created at a Wuhan facility dubbed the Wuhan Virus, which was Funded by Fauci. Dr. Fauci has been funding the Gain of function Covid-19 virus for a very long time. Everyone has no option because "they're all in it together" since there are so many people in that filthy disgusting book. Everything is coming out in court, and they should be covering it as they did with the OJ Simpson case, but they aren't. Why? Because the world would go insane if identities were revealed under oath and the statement's of the things the did to underage girls.

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Trump was a tremendous pain in the neck since he was a self-made Billionaire who couldn't be bought. This is exactly what he meant when he repeatedly shouted "Drain the Swamp" throughout his campaign. The left had no choice but to steal the election because if they didn't, they'd all be in Jail; it was a risky attempt at any costs. The only was was to release virus and create international hysteria. Investigations take years to construct a good case, and after all kinds of individuals have been in court for similar accusations, including Justin Trudeau who was found guilty of multiple ethics breaches and now has a record for it, it just goes to show how deep the corruption is.

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Thank god we got back the half a Billion Dollars he tried to give to the Clinton foundation that hasn't done anything but use their money for bribery since day one. Should also take a moment to ad that Bill Gates is getting a divorce over the details regarding the questionable long weekend visits he had to the Epstein Island.

What we're talking about is the Free Masons' Secret Society, also known as the Illuminati. The names on this list resemble those on Epstein Flight records, or, better yet, those who were on the trips but weren't documented. During the first week of the Ghislaine Maxwell trial, Epstein's pilot testified that he was directed to stay in the Captain's cabin and not go to the back of the plane to observe the passengers. This is why there was a man running around Vancouver setting as many masonic temple on fire in Vancouver once this pandemic hit, he went right to the source and sent a clear message, "f@ck around and find out"

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The names of Prince Andrews and Donald Trump are referenced, thus you have to believe Trump was personally aware of what was going on on Jefferys Island. Presidents of the United States have traditionally been Free Masons, but Trump is not one. There are a large number of judges in the courts that are paid off and are under the thumb of the secret society in exchange for immunity.

The same judge who sentenced Brittany Spears to daily therapy of 10 hours per day for the last 14 years. This is the pinnacle of brainwashing and you got to wonder what she knows. Lindsay Lohan was a friend of hers as well. Britney grew up in a business and has probably knows exactly what happens on that Island.  The Illuminate has utilized data to instil subliminal messages to influence courts, Hollywood, and music for decades. You might be wondering how they came to have so much power now that they're using the media. They paid anyone who would take the money and murdered the rest with the half-trillion dollars that went missing from US government spending. The Pentagon was looking into the money in the exact area of the structure that was attacked by an alleged aeroplane on September 11, 2001, the same half-billion dollars that was unaccounted for.

Ever wonder how Osama Bin Laden, who was on kidney dialysis and resided in a bunker, managed to hide from the world's most sophisticated forces, the FBI and CIA? It's because it never happened in the first place! You must monitor the media religiously if you believe they located him, killed him, and then dropped his corpse into the ocean without giving him a trail.   The US administration had no choice except to pin the blame on someone else, and Bin Laden was the best person for the job since he was already dying. By 2021, the United States will have established a unique relationship with Afghanistan, having just left 80 billion dollars in equipment. This was not a blunder.

Anybody remember Honey and Barry Sherman's death? The calendar flipped to 2021, the police investigation into the deaths of Canadian billionaire philanthropists Honey and Barry Sherman entered its fourth year. The double homicide remains unsolved, but court documents recently made public following a court challenge by The Toronto Star reveal more details about the discovery of the couple's bodies in December 2017, and that their son Jonathon told police the Shermans had enemies. The main enemy they had were other pharmaceutical companies and some look towards the Clinton foundation. Honey and Barry had already had the ivermectin pills figured out back in 2017 as the Covid Sars virus was on its 7th strain by the time the Wuhan Gain of function virus was released. The Ivermectin pills were the kink in the backup plan if anything were to get out about the secret society. The same year Trump took office this Billionaire couple got murdered. This is not a coincidence as this is all part of the back-up plan. They blame them for price fixing the drug market but since there deaths you might think that they had nothing to do with it and we think everyone should dig a little deeper.