Canada DOES NOT want VACCINE PASSPORTS - Poll shows 100%

We saw Forbes Magazine published an article today that titled "Canada Will Require Using A Vaccine Passport For Entry" so we hit the click-bate. The first sentence in the article Suzanne Rowan Kelleher wrote had our eyes rolling hard.

"A significant majority of Canadians like the idea of a vaccine passport for international travel and it appears that their government is going to deliver a solution."

This couldn't any further from the truth and we want to set the record straight. We conducted out own independent research and asked Canadians, "Do you support vaccine passports?" The answers we got couldn't be are completely different from what "Fake News Forbes" published today.

Fake News: Forbes

Nearly eight in 10 Canadians (78%) agree (including 56% who strongly agree) that all travelers entering Canada should be required to have a vaccine passport, according to a new Ipsos survey. Comparatively, a smaller majority of Americans (71%) agree that travelers should be required to show a vaccine passport before entering the United States.

Real News:

Nearly 10 in 10 Canadians (100%) disagree (including 80% who strongly agree) that traveling should not be required to have a vaccine passport, according to a new PRC News poll.

We do not believe the stats Forbes provided so for Canada, so we are not taking the USA number at face value either.

Canadians are sick and tired of the media and mainstream lying to push the political agenda. Montreal just flooded the streets with hundreds of thousands of people in a protest for their "Charter of Rights and Freedoms." It's not about a "mask" anymore when Justin Trudeau is trying to silence the people of Canada and make it illegal to call the government out when they are acting like North Korea.

Bill C-10 was supposed to just keep Netflix in line so they show a certain number of Canadian shows on it's platform. Yes, that's why the American Netflix is so much better than the Canadian version. Last Minute, Justin Trudeau and the Liberal government tried to push through a clause in the bill that would make it illegal for Canadian to express their opinions online if they didn't like what the Canadian Government is doing.

More and more people around the world are dying from the Vaccine and the blood of those people is stained on the hands of mainstream media. It's a well known fact that places like Florida and Texas are doing just fine, the places with the most restrictions and massive vaccine roll-out are having the most complications.

Let's face it, this is about control and nothing more. Every country in the G7 is in on this and they are pushing parts of the pandemic plan in other countries and failing but reporting they are working.

For Example:

Mainstream news is reporting that people are dropping dead in the streets and that things are so bad with the variant. We talked to people that live in India and they have no idea what we were talking about.

Turn off the news and listen to your friends, family, and neighbours. This won't end with a vaccine because they are all in this together. Other countries are NOT rolling out vaccine passports. They are just telling you this so you will comply with the agenda.

Why would they do that you ask?

It's simple, they are greedy for money!

Pfizer Will File For Full FDA Approval By End Of May, Expects $26 Billion In Vaccine Revenue

Did you know Pfizer is inking a deal that will make you take a Vaccine Boosted shot every 6 months.

Booster shots and re-vaccinations could be needed. Drug companies are planning for it.

What is in these vaccines is not safe for humans, as you can see in this article we posted about a call to the poison control department.

Vaccine vs. Poison Control Hotline - This will shock you!

Don't let the main-steam media brainwash you into thinking these things are true, you know deep down something is going seriously wrong here.

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