As Bitcoin just hit a new record the USA prepares to secure their finances as a huge inflation correction is said to hit the USA very shortly. Statistically speaking Bitcoin second best month of the year has always been in April next to November. Market analysis says Bitcoin can hit over a thousand dollars at by the end of the month. As this year is considered a bull year with the data in mind, Bitcoin Google quite possibly hits 400,000.

With all the uncertainty in the US economy people are looking to save their assets and net worth. There is an enormous housing bubble and Biden plans to spend trillions of dollars to "help" US infrastructure. Most people are left with a lot of financial uncertainties. As people search for different ways to make money when the US dollar is going to take on some major inflation. Stock traders are wondering if they should get back into the gold market. We just like to remind you that gold was first, then they came out with money, then credit cards, and now we have crypto. To go back to the gold would they be taken three steps back and it's not going to happen.

As it normally takes other tech companies decades to reach the 1 trillion mark, Bitcoin managed to do it in just 12 years. Take a look at the chart above and it's easy to see that Bitcoin is by far the best investment in the last 10 years.

Listening to the mainstream media when it comes to bitcoin is probably the worst thing you can do. They have literally been wrong every single time the whole way since the beginning. The people that own mainstream media make absolutely zero money off Bitcoin so they're not interested in it. If you notice every time it hits a new time high they warn and caution against it but it hits another all-time high very shortly after. It's an extremely toxic and uninformative opinion that has been wrong since day 1. If you had a friend that you never asked for advice but always listen to and they were wrong every single time would you listen to them? That's what the mainstream media is doing to bitcoin. Do not listen to them, they're an extremely biased opinion and play on your emotions, nothing to do with logic.

Update: 11 min after writing this Bitcoin pumped to $63,287.88 so we changed it. That how wild it is now.

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