4000 Vancouver protesters fight for freedom, rights, anti-mask, anti-lockdown, anti-vaccine.

The message was clear today downtown Vancouver had over 4,000 people gather at the notorious art gallery to protest their rights as citizens to decide for themselves if they want to wear a mask and be locked down or take a vaccine. Today was the first day of a two-day event being held downtown Vancouver and they're expecting a larger crowd tomorrow.

Human rights activist like David wolfe and David Ike grace their presence online through a TV speech to thousands of people in a crowd downtown Vancouver today.

Shortly after the speeches the crowd set out on a path stopping traffic in all directions everywhere they went. Thousands of people not wearing any masks gathered together chanted and yelled to get their message across. Showing very little fear and cheering as they fight the narrative.

The next event is tomorrow afternoon and anyone and everyone is welcome to join. There was even a little boy as old as 11 years old that took the stage and had a speech so this event is definitely for everybody.

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