Networking with Justin Plosz and Public Relations Canada Inc.

Public Relations Canada is a Marketing and branding company that networks while advertising, people to places, with product and service. Public Relations Canada was founded in 2011 and owned 100% by Justin Plosz who has attached a resume of achievements. Starting in a small town of Yorkton and living in cities like Calgary, Regina, Saskatoon, Red Deer, Edmonton, for years at a time, Justin Plosz has built a network meeting business owners while developing deep personal relationship with everyone along the way. The social network Justin Plosz successfully built with Public Relations Canada is the best of business and pleasure nation wide. “Your business is our Pleasure.”

While developing a relationship with a CTV News Anchor in 2011, Justin Plosz built a network within the live media and News market with TV News Anchors, Radio show hosts, News paper publishing staff such as CTV, Global & CBC. Many of the contacts made since 2011 have moved into management roles and have upgraded their experience and capabilities within our professional format. Justin Plosz used these contacts within Public Relations Canada to pull off one of the biggest networking publicity campaigns Canada has ever seen on a relatively low budget. The campaign has made Justin Plosz, Public Relations Canada a part of the new pop culture with branding such as Limos, Lamborghinis, Helicopters, Multi-million dollar mansions, models & a free spirit lifestyle that everybody could feel a part of.

Public Relations Canada & Justin Plosz have just successfully provided an internationally recognized network campaign on June,1st 2019 , including businesses and business owners that Public Relations Canada, Justin Plosz, Rees Cameron, Playhous have previously approved to do business with. Hitting millions of people together with national news coverage by CTV/CBC/GLOBAL NEWS the campaign had branded themselves as a top level goods and services branding and networking advertising provider in the country. With across the world social media exposure in countries like Paris, France, Tokyo, Japan, we really put Vancouver (Anmore, BC)and PR Canada back on the map.

Public Relations Canada with Justin Plosz hit over 1 million impressions on Intsagram the week of our last event. The pictures posted on google have hit over 1.2 million views. Public Relations Canada has a website with and average of over 1 minute of user time with up to 4800 people hitting my site in one day while satisfying 10,000 views in one week. Public Relations Canada has exceeded its facebook following due to having hit over 1 million impressionable views in one month many times with almost 7000 loyal followers. The Instagram promo video for our last even hit 300,000 views within the first 48 hours by people from all over the world. As of July 7th, 2019 Public Relations Canada has reached the average of #1 spot on google organically.

Public Relations Canada with Justin Plosz have the intent to use the social network and branding abilities has built, and use it to advertise the brand KURE to the best of its abilities. Justin Plosz has first hand experienced the action of acting, dancing, modelling, photography, directing, and video production over the last 20 years.

check out the website at and start networking with us today!

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