Rachel Notley's office is under investigation for deleting 800,000 emails

     What does Rachel Notley and Hillary Clinton have in common? 

     Besides being huge female political influences they can now add deleting government emails and setting a bad example to the list. 

     As Alberta's privacy commissioner launches a full-fledged investigation into the NDP's deleted 800,000 emails, Canadians are wondering what she has to hide. 

     After being enlightened that the emails were to be public under the Freedom of Information Act the office decided to have a contest to see who can delete the most emails. They even went so far as to supply $50 Apple cards to those who did it to supplying an incentive. 

Notley’s then chief of staff Brian Topp had just one email in his sent folder with only 78 in his inbox and an empty deleted mail folder. Pretty unbelievable since this guy has held the position since 2015. 

What else can government officials get away with? 

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