NHL & Edmonton Oilers show the Edmonton Police Service some much deserved respect before the hom

     As details to Edmonton's latest terror attack are still being sorted out the NHL and the Edmonton Oilers along with a packed Rogers place show their much deserved appreciation. Last week a lone wolf who rammed a police officer with his car right outside the CFL event that was taking place in side Commonwealth Stadium is now in police custody and the people of Edmonton as feeling safe again. 

      Thank you Edmonton Police Service!

     Connor McDavid opening up the season with the first goal for the Oilers against the open arrival Calgary Flames as he is now the highest single paid player in the NHL EVER.  With a brand new Arena to play in and a team that is full of stars Edmonton should have a playoff chance this year yet again. 

Rogers Place is the NHL's newest Stadium which belongs to the Edmonton Oilers at the cost of just over 614 million dollars.  The arena includes the biggest scoreboard in the NHL and it looks awesome! 

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