Las Vegas Shooting 50+ Dead and 200+ injured Jason Aldean concert in the deadliest shooting in US hi

A man I his 60's has opened fire with an automatic weapon at a concert in Las Vegas and has killed 50+ people and the number just keeps getting higher. 

Las Vegas Police have shot and killed the shooter (Steven Paddock 64) and are looking for a woman who is his roommate. He was caught on the 34th floor of a Hotel shooting down out the window right at the crowd. Sources say his female roomate was threatening people earlier in the night in the front row telling them we're all going to die.  

Multiple Witnesses say they were trapped and didn't know what was going on as most of them thought it was fireworks. 

The FBI have announced that they are taking over the investigation in this matter as this is officially the deadliest shooting in US history!

We have provided a link with raw footage so if your discretion is advised. Las Vegas shooting Facebook like 

Here's the  safety check link for Facebook  so you can check in or check and see if your friends and family are safe

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