🇨🇦 PRC NEWS 🇨🇦 World Events - 29 Happening right now but how many do you know about?

Since there is so much going on in the world right now we thought we would bring you up to speed. Enjoy! 

🔥 California is on fire. 🔥 Oregon is on fire. 🔥 Washington is on fire. 🔥 British Columbia is on fire. 🔥 Alberta is on fire 🔥 Montana is on fire. 🔥 Nova Scotia is on fire. 🔥 Greece is on fire. 🔥 Brazil is on fire. 🔥 Portugal is on fire. 🔥 Algeria is on fire. 🔥 Tunisia is on fire. 🔥 Greenland is on fire. 🔥 The Sakha Republic of Russia is on fire. 🔥 Siberia is on fire. ⛈️Texas is under water ⛈️ India, Nepal, Pakistan, and Bangladesh, experience record monsoons and massive death toll. ⛈️ Sierra Leone and Niger experience massive floods, mudslides, and deaths in the thousands. 🌞Italy, France, Spain, Switzerland, Hungary, Poland, Romania, Bosnia, Croatia, and Serbia are crushed in the death grip of a triple digit heat wave, dubbed Lucifer. 🌞Southern California continues to swelter under triple digit heat that shows no sign of letting up. 🌞In usually chilly August, the city of San Francisco shatters all-time record at 106 degrees, while it reaches 115 degrees south of the city. Northern California continues to bake in the triple digits. ((🌎)) Yellowstone volcano is hit with earthquake swarm of over 2,300 tremors since June, recording a 4.4 quake on June 15, 20017 and 3.3 shaker on August 21, 2017. ((🌎)) 5.3 earthquake rumbles through Idaho ((🌎)) Japan earthquake 6.1 possible tsunami.. ((🌎)) Mexico earthquake 8.2 imminent tsunami. Beach lines are receded atleast 50+ meters 🌊Hurricanes Harvey, Irma (biggest ever recorded), Jose and Katia are barreling around the Atlantic with 8 more potentials forming And last but not least an X10 C.M.E solar flare last night . The highest recorded solar flare ever! 

Annnnnnnd now you're all caught up 💯💯👊 

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