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If you're currently on a fitness plan and it's not working for you we have a solution. APEX VISION has designed the right program that suits your tailored dietary needs without counting the macros. Contact Apex Vision for your 6 week online program and Apex to Fitness starting today. Here is a message from Danielle Vaughan:

I am just busy replying to emails and I have been asked multiple times already how they should be utilizing the IIFYM mindset. So many people ask Ry and I if we count our macros and the answer is no. We do not count macros and we never aim to hit a magic number of calories every day. The issue we have with IIFYM is the disordered eating thoughts that arise from it. That is not the practice we believe in because it is not a sustainable and healthy way to live your life! When a client comes to us and we get them on a meal plan, we determine macros, micronutrients, and calories, based on a person’s body type, muscle mass, lifestyle etc. But we do not want our clients counting the 15 calories in their daily coffee. Its just not necessary and if you think the TBSP of cream in your coffee is keeping you from getting lean then there are bigger issues there. With Apex we aim to make your metabolism work FOR you by not doing the standard “cookie cutter” programs that most online trainers are using. It is disheartening and frustrating watching so many amazing athletes starve their bodies in order to achieve the desired body they want. Personally, my caloric intake changes daily/weekly due to life's circumstances. For example if I had a bad sleep, or trained way harder then things need to change in order to fuel my body properly. The body is an amazing adaptation machine - so eating on a fake number count, or a strict clean diet for weeks or months on end is only going to restrict the healthy adaptation it needs to do. My body does need days of excess calories and days of caloric deficits. - D.V. Whether you’re cutting or bulking this principle does not change. If you are interested in learning more please feel free to check out and read about how we teach the #LiveApex lifestyle all over North America!

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