PRC NEWS: UFC 217 George St. Pierre vs. Michael Bisping - Officially NOT RETIRED

Looks like the Canadian superstar has signed a deal to fight in New York's UFC battle in UFC 217 and he is going to be fighting Michael Bisping on November.4.2017. After giving up the title in the 170 weight division and retiring, GSP has officially decided to get back in the ring. Since the testing in the UFC of steroids and other performance enhancing drugs has now reached GSP's standards he has had a change of heart. Fighting guys on steroids when your completely organic it's like using rocket fuel vs. gasoline, you just don't get the same results.

GSP shared on his Facebook account that he is pumped to fight in New York City and we have provided the link below to show you

"Finally signing my UFC 217 Bout Agreement vs. Michael Bisping for Nov. 4th at MSG - Get ready for a big night in NYC!!!" - GSP

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