(LIVE) RAW FOOTAGE: 6 Homicides, 6 Days in Edmonton - PR Canada was there w.Justin Plosz

What should be a fun night out after a long hard work week is turning into a blood bath pouring into the streets of Edmonton. Edmonton City Police are Ready, Willing, and Able to do what it takes to keep Edmonton safe as shown in the 17 min video caught LIVE w.Justin Plosz min after shots fired. Listen as Mike says he can smell the gun powder in the air min after shots fired and hit one man in the head sources say.

"You can smell the gun powder in the air" - Mike Young

Click link for Video: https://www.facebook.com/PloszRelations/videos/10153542827710983/

March 26, 2016: Saturday Night the owner of Public Relations Canada Justin Plosz was walking on Whyte Ave Downtown Edmonton. Within minutes gunshots rang out into the street and on man was shot in the head who later died with another being shot with non life threatening injuries. Justin then pulled out his cell phone and began shooting live footage interviewing people who were at the accident.

https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=na8RO8Md7PQ LIVE FOOTAGE w. Justin Plosz

Tribute Lounge March 24 2016 - moments after (Whyte Ave - Edmonton)

As Edmonton City Police are Investigation these Homicides to the best off their ability they will admit 6 Homicides in 6 days is a lot to handle. There are only 3 Squad of Homicide Detectives in Edmonton's Unit so the boy will be working hard to stay on top of everything.

Anyone with anything on these six Homicides that can help is urged to call Edmonton City Police or Public Relations Canada and will be forwarded in confidence .

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