Social Media & Parenting

Attention PARENTS: I have a beautiful 9 year old son and I must say I am a very proud father just like the majority of us dad's out there.

In the past 9+ years I have NOT post even 1 single negative comment about my son's mother or our prior relationship. Let me be the last person to tell you that life isn't all rainbows and butterfly's BUT 100% how you interpret it.

When you post something on Facebook it turns something from imagination to reality.

Warning: Typing something negative and hitting POST might feel good at the time but you have instantly made what could have been your imagination into something real!

As many of you put heartfelt negative messages about you X's and past relationships....

Just Try: Put that energy into a post that is completely opposite of the way you feel when you're down and out with something positive and uplifting. Enjoy watching your life turn around for the better seemingly overnight.

No body wants to see your issue because everyone has issues of their own to deal with so keep it to yourself.

Fair Warning: You will be deleted

Have a nice day ☀ Feel FREE to SHARE

Thank you for reading

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