8 weeks to "Apex" Custom Program.

Everything you need to succeed from A – Z! Our lowest price ever, By a landslide!!! 55% off regular price $649 regular. Now only $299usd **Limited Time Only** **Limited Space** *Certified Nutritional Therapists *Clinical Weight Loss Practitioners *Elite trainers & National Coaches/Athletes *10 + years of experience and transforming

What You Can Expect When You Sign Up:

• Individualization Client Assessment ($99 Value) The first thing you will receive when you join Apex is the detailed client questionnaire. Covering your dieting and training history, experience, goals (short and long term) and lifestyle. We need to know where you are coming from to plan where we are going. Nothing is left open ended, the better we learn you the more we can guarantee your success and the direction to take things.

• Custom Consultation ($99 Value) Talk with us privately to cover all the details and info needed to get the best personalized plan. Have all your questions answered and 100% confident in what’s to come.

• Custom designed nutrition program ($279 value) Nutrition is undeniably the most critical component of transforming your physique & living better. Unfortunately, most programs either completely overlook the importance factor of “who they are building it for”, Or they are just ten years behind in the science department. Those "cookie cutter" plans you see in magazines that have barely changed in the last 25 years?! There is lots of ways to lose weight or transform a physique we try to do it the most efficient and effective way, one you can “live” with and sustain your best body for years to come.

• Specially designed exercise program ($200 value) Your training and exercise program is built on sound science and practical experience to fast-track your results. No matter your goal, the plan is designed to you and your needs.

• Individually Designed Supplement Regime ($100 value) Only use what’s needed for you and your results. It's a confusing area with a lot of smoke and mirrors, we try and make it as easy to understand as possible, why it is hard to get everything from whole foods alone these days with depeleted soils.

• Monthly Monitored Progress Assessment/Changes and updates ($179 value) Communication and having that accountability and the ability to put guesswork aside is what really makes the Apex Programs such a success. Ensuring we are busting through the typical dreaded plateaus with proven methods.

• Resources to all of the supplements you will need at the best prices.

Feel free to contact us with any questions or concerns regarding anything! Live Apex


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