150,000 Truckers convoy to Ottawa supported by millions of Canadians who want their Freedom back

Updated: Jan 24

An estimated 150,000 trucks have joined the Freedom convoy headed from British Columbia to the front door of the parliament building in Ottawa and they are not leaving until this country returns back to normal. Trudeau knew this was coming so they build a huge wall around the entire property that was paid for by your tax dollars.

The whole thing has so much support that a Go fund me page has been set up to help pay for the costs that occur in the foreseeable future. That account was created on Jan 14 2022 and now has over 35,000 people who have donated at a total of $2,663,660.00 and climbing fast.

Click here to see the new Go Fund me total

Across the country there are millions of Canadians that have notice that Canada has lost almost all it's freedom. Freedom to assemble peacefully, Freedom to travel, Freedom to speak, and pretty much everything else listed on the Charter of rights and freedoms. The government is censoring it like you would see in North Korea. These measures are right out of Hitler's WW2 handbook as Justin Trudeau has notably been paraphrasing the old Nazi Leader.

The lies from this pandemic are coming to an end as the vaccines don't work and have actually been proven to cause more harm than good. CBC has been on the forefront of misinformation since the beginning of the pandemic. You can pretty much bet your last 2 dollars that everything CBC say is a manipulated half truth.

The pictures above lead to an article that was published by CBC and clearly misrepresents what is actually going on. you can click on the picture and go to the link and read it for yourself.

The only one of the rights from the charter that is actually being held up by the government is the right to a free press, giving these crooked mainstream media companies a loophole in the legal system so they can not be held accountable for the things they publish without correcting themselves in the court of law. Laws in 2021 changed so fast that not even lawyers could keep up to them as there appears to be a moving pot of gold at the end of a rainbow that never comes. Needless to say that Canadians are finished with this pandemic and the I think we can all agree that we are no longer on a state of emergency and everything should go back to normal.

The amount of bills, laws, mandates, and red tape that has been introduced into the system since Justin Trudeau has been in power are only trending one way. With the great reset plan that the world economic forum has set out in aspiration to achieve an own nothing and be happy global status by 2030.