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Wal-Mart refuses service to medically exempt customers based on select racial/profiling protocol

Updated: Apr 7, 2021

A Kelowna Wal-Mart will have some answering to do as they turned away a customer on Easter Monday that was not wearing a mask.

Justin, a 37-year-old new resident of Kelowna went shopping at the West-Kelowna Wal-Mart on Monday evening as he has done one a week since moving to Kelowna early last month. Each time he has went to the Wal-Mart location he has told the front greeting person that he has an exemption and the happily smile and let him go about his day. After shopping for about 20 minutes and gathering everything he needed he then proceeded to the till and placed his items on the Conveyor belt.

Once the items had been loaded the woman looked the customer up and down and just simply walked away. After some time had passed and it seemed he wasn't going to get served he proceeded to the customer service desk. The told him the were not going to serve him because "Our cashiers don't have to serve Anit-Masker," after asking "why." Justin even goes on to tell them, "I am Pro-Face, Not anti-mask"

After leaving the store to get the card that says he is medically exempt he came back into the store to buy the food he came for. While wearing a mask, Justin expressed he was experiencing severe anxiety. He was asked to keep the mask on if he wanted to buy and essential good.

While waiting for the store Manager to ring in his food he saw another man with a little girl who were also not wearing a mask and asked why he had been single out and not being treated like everyone else. The Wal-Mart operations manager never does give a clear answer as to the reason he was refused over the other customer.

The security guard comes over to intimidate him into being quit when he was clearly not yelling, swearing, or calling anybody any names. As racism against white men trends on mainstream media outlets as if it's trending, Justin intends to file a human right complain against the Wal-Mart Location in Kelowna.

As the Health & Safety Services department has set to make an example out of restaurant owners for opening "in-dining service", and "makeshift nightclub owners." Justin is preparing to make an example out of Wal-Mart for infringing on his Basic Human Rights and intends to go the full distance to make sure this never happens again to other people.

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