Skip the Dishes adds New $0.99 'B.C. Fee' to battle the provinces delivery charge cap

As B.C. tries to put more red tape and fees on businesses, they are now going after you food delivery as if your food bill isn't high enough. After the province of B.C. announced that is would be putting a limit as to how much delivery apps can charge a restaurant they have shifted that expense to the paying consumer.

Picture: Screen shot from Skip

The B.C. government capped the amount delivery services can charge take-out restaurants at 15 per cent for three months starting Dec. 27, in a bid to help restaurants hit by the pandemic.

Picture: screenshot from twitter

“This temporary fee will ensure we can continue our coverage across the province to drive orders to local restaurant partners, ensuring customers can order the food they love while providing earning opportunities for independently-contracted couriers,” - Skip the Dishes

Until now, delivery companies were charging Metro Vancouver restaurants up to 30% meal totals.

Picture: screenshot from Skip app

When will they learn that when charging fees and taxing big companies, the big company will always pass the fees on to the consumer taking money money from the everyday working class person.

Delivery competitors Uber Eats and Door Dash have both charged service fees, neither has yet made a move to tie an increase in those fees to the provincial order.

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