Mexico banned from Canadian flights with mandatory government quarantine facilities in effect

Updated: Feb 25

Canada just dropped a huge bombshell on Canadians announcing that all the major airlines have dropped all flight to Mexico starting this Sunday until April. 30 2021. As it is against the charter of rights and freedoms for the government to restrict Canadians freedom to travel. Some of the major airlines that have put a stop to Canadian flights to Mexico are West Jet and Air Canada.

Justin Trudeau also announce today that all travellers that come into Canada will need two negative tests to return to their lives and will be forces to stay in approved hotel room for three days upon arrival. On the third day you will be tested again and if the second test does not test negative you're in trouble. If you DO test positive, you will be moved to a mandatory government quarantine facility for what ever time they feel necessary. Yes, you read that right, "you will be moved to a mandatory government quarantine facility." If you test negative, you will be able to complete their 14-day quarantine at home “under significantly increased surveillance and enforcement.”

Justin Trudeau say that the cases detected from travel is very low but it is not zero. So he has put a pre travel test as a mandatory process to flying in 4 of Canada's major airports.

Watch the announcement here: Canadian flight ban announcement

The Canadian/USA border has been closed to most non-citizens and non-permanent residents since March, but there are a few exceptions to the rule. Other than essential workers, such as truck drivers, anyone crossing into Canada must self-isolate for 14 days and nights. Until now that rule has had little enforcement and anonymous cellphone data collected by Ontario shows it wasn’t working very well.

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