Joe Rogan w. Dr. Peter McCullough on Vaccines and Covid19 Protocol #1747 (Viral Video)

We are trying to keep up to date with the latest link that takes you to the full interview with Joe Rogan and Peter McCullough and talk about everything you can think of when it comes to Covid19. While I was writing this my computer crashed and a red message came across my screen I have never see before....

This doctor notes that you can NOT get covid a second time

Click here for the full interview

This Doctor confirms almost every single thing that the Facebook fact checkers fact checked was wrong.

confirms that there have been over 2 million adverse reactions in the USA alone out of 200 million shots.

You wont believe what this Doctor had to say and Youtube keeps taking this down, We ask if you find a link to this full interview and our doesn't work that you message up in the chat and send us the link. Let's keep everyone informed.

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