PR Canada News: Canadian Crime on the rise as Employment Insurance is running out for Oil Workers

As we wake up every morning and log into Facebook just to see more murders and crime on the rise and if it seems like it's getting worse by the day, it is! Let me explain: Last year at this time the Canadian oil market took a turn for the worse and thousands of hard working men and women lost their jobs. Most of which are now on Employment Insurance, and one year later it about to run out... What does this mean?: This means these people have been torn away from their friends and families and sacrificed what feels like everything to keep their employers happy. In return, on days off these hard working Industry workers would compensate lost time with money spending it like it was going out of style and now they're jobless. Employment insurance has "pacified" these people for the last year but it's about to run out.

What now?: Now the majority of these workers are men with alcohol and drug problems developed from having to be away from friends and family for so long. With E.I. Running out for the majority of these workers, some people who have never broken the law are looking for a last resort. Many oil workers trucks have been repossessed or voluntarily turned in and their houses are for sale or being foreclosed. Almost 600 vehicles have been lefts at the airports while the once Flooded Provence with "jacked up" truck and guys with "white Oakley sunglasses" and a "blonde bombshell" out of his league are virtually on the endangered species list. What's happening: Canadians originally from out east are jumping on a plane home and never looking back. Anyone who moved within the last 1.5 years to chase the ALBERTA dream may have just set their lives back about 5-7 years. With the homes they bought loosing massive value crippling any traction they had before the came to work. The same amount of time it will take to re start their credit.

What's next:

After listing your job, house, and money.... The next loss is inevitable, The girl. Only one short year later these workers have lost everything. And are exhausted treading water. They're all at their wits end and some are resulting in crime to pay their bills and fun their habits. What can I do: Canada is still a relatively safe place to live and grow your family. In your everyday life, try to smile more and be friendly to strangers. Every relationship always starts with a set of strangers. Build as many positive relationships as you can and forget about the rest. Smile and be happy and the rest will follow, lead by example and as a country with 30 million plus people. It's never to late!

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