Justin Plosz was born on the 27 of June 1983 in Regina, Saskatchewan and grew up in Yorkton, Saskatchewan.  As a young child Justin enjoyed, church, acting in local commercials, competing in Ukrainian dancing, track and field, and was a home town soccer MVP.  In 2001, After recovering from a serious motor cycle accident  going over one hundred kilometres an hour, Justin had a new outlook on life and decided to move away from home.  At the age of 18, Justin Plosz moved to Calgary, Alberta as he worked there as a bartender for a few a years.  In 2006 at the age of 23, Justin settled down in Saskatoon, Saskatchewan for the next seven years where he had a son named Keir and started to build himself a new career in the Auto Sales industry as a sales rep at Sherwood Chevrolet. In 2007 Justin started at Dodge City Auto in Saskatoon, Saskatchewan where he would stay for the next 3 years.  During his time in Saskatoon and developing a network within the live media and News market with TV News Anchors, Radio show hosts, News paper publishing staff such as CTV, Global & CBC.  After meeting countless people with media influence, Justin decided he wants a bigger part of the action and wanted to do more.  Opening his first Public Relations Company called Plosz Relations in 2011, Justin started to focus on building a network, marketing, and advertise for local companies.  In search of more opportunity, Justin moved from Saskatoon, SK to Edmonton Alberta in 2013.  Becoming Sales Manager within the first six months, then graduating to finance manager 2 years later.   Justin then managed at high volume dealerships such as Denny Andrews Ford, Kingsway Toyota, Weber Mazda/Mercedes, and Carco Auto.  As a sales and finance manager Justin’s career was to meet many people and make a solid connections, build value in products and services and close deals.  In 2015, Justin sold Plosz Relations to himself for one dollar and renamed it Public Relations Canada Inc. adding a new direction of business into the booming lead generation industry.  In 2016, Justin was the announcer for the Nascar track at the Edmonton International Raceway as the voice of Nascar.  In July of  2018, Justin featured in a commercial for Atlas Fish & Steak house and broadcasted across all Canadian locations for months.  In pursuit of happiness, Justin moved his business one more time in November of 2018 to the small village of Anmore, BC located in the mountains just outside Vancouver. Putting Anmore, BC on the map, Justin has successfully maximized Public Relations Canada’s coverage in the media without paying for it directly through traditional advertising.  Justin still has an active roll in the auto industry scouting, hiring, coaching, and contacting new talent for dealerships on a contract only basis.

Justin Plosz - NO BAD DAYS - Mr. Public Relations

Plosz Story:  12 years ago........my car blew up on the #1 highway and I was three hours from home on a Saturday night 1 am. phone died and I didn't know what to do, so I fell asleep. I woke up to two men banging on my window saying, "are you okay"? I said yes and I don't need hep as these dudes looked wicked freaky.  After I realized they weren't going away I then grabbed the handle and opened the door to let them help me.  They tried to fix my car and offered me a ride to the nearest town. I said OK. After about 20 min of me complaining about my car, my day and my life the driver cracked the window. He threw out his smoke and turned down the music and stared telling me a story. And  I went like this" years ago I got a call from my best friend and he said something happened and your house is on fire, hurry home!! I am going to be there before you, but hurry. As the man arrived with adversity to his house he found out his life would change forever. His house was on fire, his wife had jumped out the second story window, broke both her legs and his three children were inside. His best friend got 156 stitches fighting the police because they would not let him inside to save the children."at that point something came over me, a sense of gratefulness.  As he showed me pictures of his children I had to ask, "why did you stop to help me"? he said this, "I am all body and no soul". this man went on to say he was just driving and wanted to help someone. Driving from Calgary, Alberta to Winnipeg, MB and back only to help others in need. Sacrificing his body and time so that one day he would see his children again. This man didn't know it, but he changed my life! Now any day I'm having a shitty day I just think to myself, "IT COULD ALWAYS BE WORSE" they dropped me off and bought me a coffee and went on driving, helping people with asking nothing in return.


Just want to Say Thank You!


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