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Skip expensive TV commercials, outdated newspaper ads, dull radio promotions. and experience the new era of Classifieds Leads today

Are you a Canadian business owner that needs to spend money on advertising but you always worry about the return? 


Public Relations Canada was created 10 years ago to help small businesses gain exposure through events, social media, and word of mouth marketing. Since then we have been published in Maclean's Magazine™ for our Guerrilla markings tactics, hosting and promoting events for companies like Ignite™ have definitely put us on the map.

The last year has been a challenge for all businesses including our own. Events are no longer permitted and in-person contact is at an all-time low. 2021 has shifted everything online and some small businesses were not ready for it.

That's why we have engineered a cost effective Small Business Media Package to help those business owners through this tough time.

Small Business Media Package Includes:

Public Relations Consultation
Social Media Exposure
Email Marketing
Facebook ads
Published Article
Media Videos
S.E.O. Boost
Lead Generation

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Public Relations Canada was designed to help you feeling confident while gathering the essential information towards your next big purchase ensuring a pleasurable experience.  Our clients have kept confidence in their consumer buying experiences by us providing them with the safest information available. Our platform is especially essential when inquiring about deliverables from cities with restrictions that you may not familiar with due to Covid19. 

Our chain of connections is within Canada's most sought after and experienced business entrepreneurs, as seen on CTV/CBC/Global News. Rest assured that everyone in our Network lives up to the highest standard of business practice